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eck deli man. oscar mayer deli fresh shaved meats. great, fresh-from-the-deli taste... without the deli counter price. sliced, packed, and sealed at the peak of freshness. oscar mayer deli fresh. for the love of a great sandwich. four people shot early this morning. one of the victims has died. now, price are trying to piece together what caused this crime. bill clinton working in north korea to free two american journalists. why he was chosen to participate and negotiate. fox 5 morning news continues at
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6:00 right now. start you off way view from our tower cam this morning. it is truce morning. it will be a burner out there today. we'll get the update in just a second. thank you for waking up with fox 5 5 morning news. i'm teve cheney. >> i'm allison seymour in for gurvir dhindsa. >> we start with breaking news from asia this morning as the piof lo a pang jet has been killed and several other people injured after a plane skidded off the runway at a resort island in thailand. the jet hit the control tower on an island about 300 miles south of bangkok. it was carrying 70 people and landed in heavy rain. there you see theet for over of what happened. reports say say most of the injured are tourists, some with broken legs. >> dram at you can pictures there. sir, it is going to be a little
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bit warmer today. my question to you is with that warmer weather, does the humidity also inch up a little bit? >> oddly nough, no, it does not. it will be warmer. the humidity level will be about the same or maybe less than it was yesterday. >> a good trade-off. gentleman i agree. take a look. we'll start with the satellite- radar composite, show you how things are shaping up across the region. we are right in the middle there. you can see if you want some clouds and a little bit of precipitation, you have to go well to the north across portions of southern anadaened the great lakes. you will go out to sea out into the atlantic ocean. that is it. for us, we've just got a couple of clouds here and there. maybe a littof haze but that is it this morning. no precipitation. current tempatrour aesd thune area, 73 e e heregdhere in d.c. and in new york city. pittsburgh is at 64 degrees. norfolk, virginia is at 76 degrees. so werarmarm start to the . ayd your forecast for today, mostly
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suayd anmphotter. temperatures alm ki aclornnalg lacking for an 89 high in winchester. 92 in washington. 94 in fredericksburg. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with lauren demarco and look at traffic out there. >> good morning. we are working an accident in howard county northbound route one at 175. all northbound lanes of route one are shut down there. otherwise, we are looking pretty good in maryland. let's head out to 66 in virginia. 66 at the beltway, the westbound ramp from 66 onto the inner loop is shut down right now with an accident. you can't see it from this camera angle here. we are looking at the upper loop heading toward eastbound 66. there you are moving at speed. right now, westbound ramp toward the inner loop, you will be shout down. taking it back inside, we have delays northbound 95 beginning at the prince william parkway. you can see you are on the brakes here heading up past 123 ais on the occoquan p those
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delays remain until woodbridge. both the hov lanes here and the main lanes also slow. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story out of bridge county. four people have been shot. this happened in oxon hill around 1:00 in the morning on livingston road. one man is dead. another is in critical condition. two women were also shot. they have not life-threatening injuries. police say the shootings stem from an argument inside an apartment stairwell. they are now searching for the suspect who ran from the scene. another developing story we are following this morning, former president bill clinton is in north korea. >> he is working to convince leader there to tree two jailed american journalists. they were arrested in march charged with engaging in hostile agents and entering country illegally. the decision to send former pros to north korea was kept
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under wraps as the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with the country. al gore owns the tv network the two journalists work for. kiel continue to follow developments throughout the morning. the fate of three americans arrested in iran last week still not known. they may be getting help from secretary of state hillary clinton. the three were hiking in northern i rock to see a fujimorious water fall. they called a frupd tosay they were surrounded by troops and must have crossed into iran by accident. it is a case of not in my backyard when it comes to guantanamo bay detainees. the justice department confirms prosecutors in d.c., rginia and new york are reviewing cases and trials could be held in the district and alexandria. trials for high profile prisoner including john walker lind and zeus have been held. the mayor of alexania has
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said he is lobbyinghe president to stop any detainee trials there. final say will be up to president obama. a virginia community divided over a school also canadaed of radical teachs are. the fairfax county board of supervisors votessed in favor of expanding the campus of the islamic saudi assad my in fairfax. opponents are concerned about the controversial religious curriculum. those in favor of the section pangs say they are not judging by those standards. >> they didn't feel the curriculum was something that was appropriate in a land use setting. for example, we don't evaluate the curriculum of other schools that come before the planning commission such as the catholic school. >> we need to resist these people. we immediate to make it clear that they may have bought six votes in there but they're not buying my vote. >> the academy gets much of its funding from the saudi government. one of its graduates was
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implicate in a plot to kill the president. a look at the morning's other top stories now. police arrested a woman in connection with a stabbing inside union station. this happened around 7:00 last night as the passenger got off a train. he is expected to survive. a big announcement is expected this morning about maryland's purple line. the "washington post" reports maryland governor martin o'malley will announce plans that he supports a light rail line for the project linking prince george's and montgomery counties. he will also lay out plan routes for each line. they will be submitted to the federal transit administration. a warning for visit irs to a popular trail in fairfax county as police are trying to figure out if three separate attacks on the washington and old dominion trail are connected. on the left you will see a sketch of a man accused of exposing himself on the the right, a sketch from a man on the trail in vienna. two of the vic tmgz say they
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were assaulted. call police if you recognize the man in either sketch. new numbers from maryland state police show murders there down 11% last year. that includes a 20-year low in baltimore. a company that benefited from the bailout caught in a big lie and now will have to pay up. also ahead, the white house doing damage control over rumblings of a middle class tax hi and one court battle over michael jackson's legacy has t decido ed who will take care of his thee children. of his three -- of his three children.
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many's -- michael jackson's mother has been granted custody of his three kids. mother of two of the children, debbie roe, has agreed not to fight for custody in exchange for visits with them. the mother of jackson's yuckest child has never been
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identified. bank of america has agreed to pay a $33 million penalty to settle government charges that it misled investors about merrill lynch's plans to pay bonuses. b of a said they would not make the payouts without consent but the sec says bank of america authorize the merrill lynn touch pay out nearly $6 billion in bonuses. the white house doing a bit of damage control about word of possible tax hike on the mi over the weekend, two of president obama's top economic advisors refused to rule out raising taxes on the middle class to pay for health care reform. white house press secretary robert gibbs says both men allowed themselves to get caught up in a hypothetical argument and that the president will keep his campaign promises. >> the president is clear during the campaign about his commitment on not raising taxes on middle class families. >> in the meantime, the white house is pushing congress to pass certain legislation before its august recess. gibbs says the cash for
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clungers program will be the topic of discussion at today's lunch with senate democrats. there might be a little birthday cake r tethar meeting as president obama turns 48 today. >> from freeburgs and milk shakes, we'll show you some of the free stuff you can get today to mark the occasion. connie loves target for its incredible deals. and with her daughter starting middle school tomorrow, connie's got some high eectations. she expects look 11 might be the one. she expects look 17 might be the one. so she shops target. where they've always got her back for back to school. target. expect more. pay less.
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we give birthday wishes to our commander in chief as president obama turns 48 today. >> no word on how he is going to celebrate but there is a lot going on for you to get in on the party today. at madam tussaud's in northwest, wax figures of the first couple will be joined by bill and hillary clinton and beyonce. sweet treats will be served. if you head to z burger on wisconsin avenue, you get gift certificates if you are one of the first ones there. the certificates good for 48 free burgers and milk shakes but you have to be one of the first 48 people f line this morning. they will unveil the obama burger. and domino's locations
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across d.c. will be giving away free lava crunch cake from 11:00 to 9:00. all you have to do is say happy birthday and it is for carry out only. but it is domino's. >> carry out only. >> it is domino's pizza right? >> and pizza and lava cake. >> i would do that. i've only ordered from domino's. >> you can pick it up and get a free cake. >> sounds good. i'll do that. cach. unke lelmacra s chatcake gentleman at sounds good. >> we are a hungry bunch here. let's see what is going ou hende tnd ou. heregion to ueinnt to temperatures down downtown in the 70s. 73degrees if washington. it is in the 60s. baltimore, 6 # degrees. dulles airport, 68 degrees. fredericksburg, 69-degree. up in hagerstown, 68 degrees at
6:18 am
this hour. where are we head today as far as our temperatures go. let's take a look at the at light radar composite if today. you've got a cold front well out to the west. that will make its way in here tomorrow, maybe late tomorrow and that will trigger some thunderstorms for us but for today, there is no real triggering mechanism so we don't expect to see anything. closest event would be well out to the west, maybe near the mountains if at all. now, as far as our temperatures go for today, going to be a warm one. let's take a look at our fewer thank you cast and show you how things are going to be warming up quite nicely by middle of the afternoon. we'll be around 90 degrees or so. temperatures will drop off tonight. our overnight lows will be in the 70s downtown but i think we'll drop down into the 60s in parts of the suburbs. forecast for washington for today looks like this. we are going to see a temperature today, a high temperature of about 92 degrees. mostly sunny skies. a hot afternoon with an above- normal temperature. then for tonight, as we showed you, in town, low 70s.
6:19 am
maybin the 60s in some of the suburbs becoming mostly includedy during the overnight hours. five-day forecast, tomorrow, a warm one. 91degrees and a good chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the late are part of date and during the evening. a few more on thursday, widely scattered. friday, maybe a couple more. saturday look to be dry but hot with a high of 90 degrees. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic with lauren demarco. >> good morning. what do you think about this whole 48 burgers over a year. do you think you could do it? >> 48burg frrz one place. that would be a burger a week. i could not do that. >> that is a big offer from them. that is like thousands of burgers they are giving away. >> and people are going to take them up on it so they must be womenning to do it. >> pretty generous. right now, we are working an accident for etch heading out
6:20 am
of roslyn towards the beltway on westbound 66. take a look at this right here. the ramp is shut down towards the inner loop. can you not access the inner loop right now from ?iex westbound. eastbound 66, we e dealing with volume delays heading out of route 50 fair oaks. taking a look at that right here as you travel in from manassas. you will be on the brakes. once you get past 123, the pace steams to pick up. in maryland, here we are at 270. smooth trip in. all of your lands are open from germantown past rockville towards the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. business beat coming up next. cash for clunkers is giving the auto industry the boost it was hoping for but now that the money has run out a major directive has come down for dealers while they wait for more funds to be approved. >> the ford focus is the top seller for people would traded in their clunker on a new ride
6:21 am
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south from entry level to seasoned professionals, our job m op on c.fisoxdm co g place to start if you re lo oring for a new if you f e you are an employer looking to fill an opening. , ming up in our 8:00 urho k out our job of hetday. see what is out there by going to and clicking on job shop right at the top of the page. cash for clunkers gave the auto industry the boost that it was looking for. we'll have more on that in a moment. first, let's take a look at the market. chris cotter is live in new york with this morning's business beat.
6:25 am
not a bad day at all, chris. good morning. >> good morning. it is almost too good, allison, whicheis the way a lot of us were looking at it yesterday afternoon. rally has a lot of steam behind it. we closed over 1,000 on the s&p. that is the next level of support that we're looking at. hopefully it is support and we'll automobile to hold this. the fures are a little bit in the red so we may be pulling back just a bit. nothing goes up or down in a straight line here, allison and we've been on fire so much and we need to have a little bit of a pullback. if you don't have that little pullback, what you have is falling off a cliff eventually before it rights itself. you want it to right it javel stair step up as opposed to going straight up. maybe we'll get that today. yesterday another great day. we got ism, some manufacturing data that was pretty good. the economic data continues to be decent. we are all waiting for that one big piece of economic at that time a, the jobs report on
6:26 am
friday. we'll take these. >> can we be encouraged by this even if it is just a little bit? >> yeah, you know what? it is good. i moon a lot of technicians were getting this sort f feeling of more bullishness out there. more people are starting to buy in. and that is what you need in order for this to go higher in the longer term. we'll have some days with we come back and maybe today is one of those days. you are getting more and more people buying into the rally that we won't even come anywhere near where we are last march, that it will hold the gains. the economic reports help. we are getting better earnings along the way as well. rsunlke . clunkers. what is your up operation of the program and do you think that the government will step? and help this continue? where i think the government
6:27 am
will step in. i think the senate will pass the additional $2 million it will continue. one thing remember o remember about this is if we're going to spend $787 billion or whatever the final tally is, this is about as good as you can get in terms of stimulus because there is such a trickle down effect in the automotive industry from suppliers to the manufacturers to the retail side and the dealerships. so many people are employed in the industry and so many people are impacted when you have -- even if it is a short-term bump in demand like we're getting, it will help people at least hopefully ride this storm out until the economy starts to improve early part of 010. so to me, if you are going to spend the stimulus money, this is as fwad a plea as there is to spend it. >> we appreciate your unsight. have a great day. up next, following up on a
6:28 am
developing story. four people shot this morning. sarah similar simmons is on the scene right now. >> >> reporter: police are on the search if a killer this morning. i'll have the details coming up in a live report when fox 5 morning news returns. 
6:29 am
6:30 am
on top of breaking news as a plane crashes into a control tower on a small island on thailand. the pilot of the plane was
6:31 am
killed. about ten others were hurt. the bangkok airways flight landed in stormy weather when it struck the tower. 72 degrees out there. going to get really warm, almost up 0 degrees. >> from here, yeah. it will be about five degrees warmer than it was yesterday. our average high for this time year 'l bee degrees. we'll be above that. current temperature at reagan national at least is 7 # degrees. our humidity is up there, 79%. the winds are calm and the bare minister rick pressure remains steady at this hour. here is -- i should mention as we've seen in some of the live live shots, there are some areas of fog out this this morning. this does not do a good job of oes show p fog but it you you tu hereis reahey llnothing going on. out to the west, they a e ra few thunderstorms in parts of ohio and indiana, places like that. that is not going to be
6:32 am
impacting us here in washington. forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny day. a hot afternoon, high about 92 degrees. there you go. more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. coming up in about 15 minutes, we have act weather guy. it's very scientific question but -- >> you'll need my help then ya. we may. >> let me see if i can find my pocket protector so i'm ready to go. let's check in with lauren demarco. >> i do want know. i like the scientific ones. i like the fun ones. >> me too. >> we'll see if tuck are can make science fun this morning. >> that would be fun. all right. right now, we are dealing with an accident westbound 66 heading out of roslyn towards the beltway right here. westbound 66, the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway is shut down. can you not access that ramp. eastbound 66, your delays are from 50 fair oak in towards
6:33 am
123. right now, 95 northbound slows from prince william parkway to route one in woodbridge. here we are at the mixing bowl in springfield. a little bit of congestion here. effect is moving pretty close to speed as you head up northbound towards 395. no problems crossing the 14th street bridge into the district. on the beltway, brief tap on the brake on the outer loop from van dorn heading up towards eisenhower avenue. after that, a smooth trip across the woodrow wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a developing story now involvingamerican journalist laura ling and una lee. both are currently serve ago 1- year hard labor sentence? north korea. this morning, former president bill clinton is in north korea hoping to get them freed. mr.clinton arrived in the communist nation a few hours ago to north negotiate their release. ling and lee were arrested at the chinese north korea border
6:34 am
back in march accused of sneaking in illegally and engaging in hostile acts. controversy over the fairfax county board of supervisors decision to green light the expansion of a school accused of radical teachings. last night, board member voted to expand the campus of the islamic saudi academy in fairfax. that vote was not unanimous but opponents are concerned about the rumored violence and anti- american curriculum and promised to fight the decision come election time. it is a case of not in my backyard when it comes to guantanamo bay detainees. the justice department con if i weres prosecutors in d.c., virginia and new york are all reviewing cases and trials could be held in the district and alexandria. trials for high-profile prisoners have been held in alexandria. but the white house says no final decisions have been made. the final say is up to president obama. >> this is not a good place. there ought to be a better place to have these trials.
6:35 am
and quite hon of thely, it is frightening to t residents of this community to have this much activity this close. gentleman you know, i'm are sure the security will be good but i'm he more concerned about getting to work, getting to school every day. it seem like every day, i'll have ffartg off the area. >> the mayor of alexandria has said he is lobbying the president to stop any detainee trials held there. the district strilz confirm they are reviewing case as well but stress it is just too early in the process. a shooting has left one person dead and three others injured. sarah simmons joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are still out here on the scene talking to witnesses. it look like at this point that police do believe they have an idea who the suspect is in this shooting this morning. just to bring you up to speed here, there were four people
6:36 am
who were shot here at the portobello apartments. one man died, another is in serious condition and two women were also shot but received nonlife-threatening injuries. this started on the 6400 block of livingston road in an apartment building in a stairwell. police are telling us there was some sort of argument that broke out with at late five people involved. four people were shot and they say the suspect in this case they do believe is an acquaintance. they are calling this an isolated incident. they are not considering the neighborhood as having a threat here. but neighbors say they are worried. >> i'm totally shocked but not shocked because there is so much crime going on all over the place and it seem like it is never stopping. it gets worse every day and i live here so i'm he really concerned. >> police are still on the lock jute for the suspect although they think they do know who
6:37 am
they are looking for. the description is a black malwith dreadlocks wear ago white t-shirt and plaque sweatpants. he was last seen running from the scene here on foot near livingston road. we're love here in oxon hill. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a warning for visitors it a popular trail in fairfax county as lice are trying to figure out if three separate attacks on the washington and old dominion trail are connected the on the left as sketch of a man is accused of exposing himself in two separate incidents along the trail last thursday. on the right, a sketch from the attack on the trail in vienna july 15th. in each case, man was ride august bike and exposed himself. two of the victim say they were assaulted. call police if you recognize the man in either sketch. frederick county having ows hope they can track down whomever torched a football field. investigators say arsonists set fire to the artificial turf field in middletown. they say someone poured an accelerant on the field burning
6:38 am
a 240 square-foot patch. the damage estimated at $75,000. stamping out crimes of all kind. that is the goal of the national night out. it is time for neighbors to gather and pledge to watch out for one another and their communities. the 26th annual event takes place tonight across the country including dozens of locations here in our area. if you would like to find a in the night out gathering near you, go to and search under web links. > up next, heading out to redskins park as the skin got a bit of a break on the field yesterday. >> it is back to those two a days. >> it is bark to work, back to the grind. day six of training camp. the # 0 session open to the public. come on out. when you work this long, you will get some injuries. we'll talk about the nicks and bruises that are befalling the washgton redskins when we return.
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he may be the highest paid player on the redskins roster but he did not practice yesterday. >> dave ross is live with the latest from the field. >> good morning. a bit of an injury concern but this is what you get, guys, after six days of training camp. we're entering day six today. they've had a lot of two-a- days. carlos rogers missed his third straight practice yesterday. he has a strickenned left calf. no timetable yet for his return. receiver roydel williams, he has a broken right pinky. tough to catch the ball when you've got a broken pinky. that is not easy to do. the biggest guy, the big fellow himself, albert haynesworth. the$100million man has missed the last two practices because he has got a bad left knee
6:43 am
right now. the team says it is really not that concerning. this is kind of something that, as a veteran, he has dealt with throughout his career. he got off at this really good start the first few days of camp but he does need to take injects to insert fluid into the left knee. team says don't worry too much about it. he has done this for the last couple of years an haynesworth says he does this just to get through the rigors of training camp. >> it is just like normal stuff. doesn't concern you really? >> yeah, i did it last year. i did injections in the back and stuff like that last year. i'm not doing that stuff right now so i'm doing all right. not serious. if i had to play today, i could play today. i could still be out there. >> one gay who will be playing today is devon thomas, the second round puck a area ago from michigan state. he struggled in his rookie year. what a difference a year makes. last year, just 15 catches and one rushing catch.
6:44 am
this year, quickly moved up to the delth charts. he might even supplant antoine randle el as the second receiver. and this one year of dividends. what i difference a area make for devon thomas. >> it make a huge difference, you know. you get a level of understanding of what is going on from the koch's staff to the playbooks and you have a year's experience. >> it has been tremendous for devon. he has really come on. he is running routs with confidence at full speed. he dropped a long go rout yesterday but his hands have been excellent as well. the other rover last year that they were hoping would make a big impact and did not was malcolm kelly. he has looked very good so far in training camp. fred davis, another second round pick from a year ago, they say he is almost unguardable in practice, guys. if you get something out of malcolm kelly, you get something out of devon thomas and fred davis to go along with
6:45 am
randle el and santana moss an chris cooley and you have clinton portis and lidell betts, it could be a much more explosive offense. 80 the first practice. #:00 the second practice. coming up next hour, the second installment of dave versus dave. the first one, i don't now how i lost in he voting so i'm down one. we take a chance today. we'll even up the score with jason campbell. he will throw us some pass patterns. a going to defend feldy and vice versa. you check it out and then we can vote. i think i'm going to win this one. >> can i just tell you i caught so much grief yesterday from feldy about give mig support to you yesterday and it is so bad. >> since he won anyway y he is a heavy hitter and we got to support dave. he is our morning guy. >> that's right. >> don't let the peer pressure and he can use some intimidating tactic. i felt like it was a political
6:46 am
race. came out early, i was leading the polls and everything looked great and then he used some somewhere tax tucks and i see how the negative ads work. >> it didn't get to me. >> i feel like i have avenue lost -- i've lost the race. >> he is just a big bully. >> he doesn't like me to say he uses his bigger frame to intimidate me. >> i think so and me too. >> my money is on you. >> i want to even up the score. >> all right. >> pass jace-- passes from jason campbell. it has been a while since we featured the weather headlines but they have returned and here they are. for today and next few days, lots of sunshine today. toasty temperatures by this afternoon. some thunderstorms return for wednesday. the weekend may get hot. when i say that, i moon in the 90s.
6:47 am
9 # -- i mean in the 90s. 90 on saturday. beyond on sunday. i mentioned yesterday i thought parts of the area would be in the 60s this morning. that is the case. 67 in baltimore. 68 at dulles. 69 at fredericksburg. this is a pretty picture. there is d.c. nothing happening here. all the action is well off to the east with these clouds an that precipitation and off to the west with a couple of convective systems across portions of indiana and western ohio, some thunderstorm activity out there. for us, no thunderstorms today but mostly sunny ahot hot afternoon. high into the low 90s dotown. be ready for that. your paid, another warm one tomorrow. tomorrow i think is our best chance of showers and thunderstorms across our area tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. another hot one, 91 degrees. thursday, another day where we could see a couple of showers,
6:48 am
widely scattered showers. cooler temperatures. that is it for the weather and now it is time for ask the weather guy. >> how did you know? >> ask the weather guy. this is most popular segment in local television. tucker barnes an i put our big geeky weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions. today's question is from troy fairette. that is like a football player. >> old movie star too. >> he could be a reporter. let's go to troy garrett. he says while he was on a flight, pilot anumbered that the outside air temperature was minus 50 degrees while the ground temperature was 75 degrees. we were trying at an altitude of 30,000 feet. why is the temperature so cold up there and warmer on the ground espare closer to the sun when flying? >> sounded like it was going to be who gets there first questions swra i thought it would be a math question which
6:49 am
we wouldn't have used it. you could have answered it. that is a great question. you would think the closer to the sun, you're 30,000 feet above the surface of the earth, it will be warmer. no, the high are up you go, the colder it gets. remember, space is cold. why is that so? let's go to science man tucker barnes for the answer. >> good question though. >> it's great question. >> the next time you are flying if a plan, a left planes can you press a button and it will tell you what the outside air temperature is. it is amazing, like minus 90 in the middle of winter. bottom layer of the atmosphere. cellar raidation passes through there. it does not hold that solar radiation very well. the surrounding air does not but thering's surface does. so what happens is thering's surface gets warmed up during the day as we encounter 70s at night, 90s during the day this time of year.
6:50 am
and that solar raidation gets reradiated out into the bottom layer of the atmosphere. that is why it is warmer on the ground and cooler as you rise with height. >> what? >> do you understand that? >> i did. >> it is like if you climb a mountain. 0,000feet is about six miles. >> last time you climbed mount everiest -- mount. verestj so there you go. thank you for the question. thank you have if you have a question you would like answered. and troy, if you are watching us, we want to foe what you do if a livg. it is such a tough name. >> tony perkins is a good name. >> not as good as troy garrett. >> it is relative. >> thank you.
6:51 am
>> thank you, troy. >> lauren is in today for julie wright. what's going on? >> great question from tray garrett. the only thing i understood there was the picture and it was really pretty. tucker the science man. i didn't know he had a nickname. i like that. we are tealing with some delays 270 as you head southbound leaving clarkburg heading towards rockville. and then once you get past that, you will be having a smooth trip towards the lane divide. you can see you are on the brake there. that will continue off and on until you get to rockville. in virginia, dealing with some delays northbound 95. you will object the brake from the prince william parkway up towards route one. this is yo delay right here heading up through woodbridge. you can see the hov lanes are wide open for you. if you use that, that is your best bet. you will be on the break once
6:52 am
you get past woodbridge. and we are still dealing with that accident westbound 66 making thetrip toward the inner loop of the beltway right here. your ramp remains blocked so as you head in westbound from roslyn toward the inner loop up towards the american legion bridge, that will affect you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. fox 5 on call this horning with a spike in the use of antidepressant drugs in the u.s. the number of people prescribed antidepressant drugs more than doubled to 27 million people between 199# and 2005. researchers suspect the jump is a result of awe mick of factors including inreesed availability and growing public acceptance of mental health treatment. americans spent nearly $10 billion on antidepressants last year. several versions of health care reform being furiously debated in congress but one bipartisan proposal that some say is financially sound has not been talked about much ya. it may have something to do
6:53 am
with the controversial idea of government taxing health benefits. >> that is just not going to happen. >> reporter: that is how the senate finance committee chairman sum merrill dismissed the only health care reform boasting bipartisan support and a positive score from the congressional budget office. under the healthy americans act, has the latest care benefits would no longer be given a tax exception but. >> all americans would get a fixed deduction be credit that would be available to them for their health care. and that is a credit that would be about $18,000. now, the typical family of four spends about $1,000 or $14,000 on their health care. >> employers would no longer have to provide health insurance but would have to pay out to the employees the amount of money being spent on their annual premiums. americans would choose from a menu of private plans similar to those feral fills use an
6:54 am
virtually allamericans would be covered forever. why hasn't congress pounced on the idea? >> i don't sit on any of the commitees that have been considering health care, so congress is concerned, i don't have a voice until it gets to the floor. >> reporter: the cbo considered that it would prove revenue neutral and start making money soon after the first year. the cbo director who said so was peter ovzac, now president obama's budget districtor. the american federation of state, county and municipal employees has run radio ads targeting widen. >> it is unfortunate you can have this and say i like this system but the people across
6:55 am
the street can say they don't have it. >> reporter: with hell care stalled in the senate and still contentious in the south, the senators say they're increasingly hearing from lawmaker take august second and third look at their proposal. james rosen, fox news. coming up income hour, one. best ways to start your day is with a fresh baked treat right out of the oven. >> yes. scones, muffins, bread made the old-fashioned way. holly shows us what is on the menu at one breakery in burke, virginia this morning -- one bakery in burke, virginia this morning. stay with us.
6:56 am
shh. shh! [ chattering ] delicious authentic iced lattes from dunkin' donuts. made with real espresso, milk, and whipped cream, to help you take a break from reality. treat yourself today. du'.nk ica ns on dunkin'. because at safeway, there's always... freshly picked produce at great prices. it's 100% guaranteed to be fresh and ripe, every time. so hurry in for delicious goodness, all right down the street. that's ingredients for life. that's safeway. right now, get sweet blueberries -- just 99¢ a pint with your club card. safeway just lowered the price of summer.
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6:59 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. we're live in burk, virginia, where they bake bread from scratch. scratch, what is that? can you buy that at the store? it's their specialty. they grind their own wheat. they have 60-70 different types of bread and that doesn't include the scones and the cookies and everything else they make. we're going to take you through the process of making a loaf of bread from start to finish. and we'll talk about what makes this bakery special because you might think it's a franchise, but it's not. they are super involved with the community and we'll talk about

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